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View of the Sutors

View of the Sutors

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Unknown Year: 1920 Picture No: 126

This picture shows a view of the Sutors. Possibly from Ladies Walk.

Albums: Landscapes and Views, The Sea


The Ladies Walk [Lady's Walk?] runs along the top of my garden and the gardens of all those who have houses between the East Church and The Paye. In the last week someone has, without permission from any of the householders, hacked off branches and trees some of which were overhanging the path and some of which are more than a metre inside the boundary walls. Someone has been into my garden with a saw and cut off pieces of my trees and left them lying in the garden. I am finding it very hard to understand why this has been done and I am hoping someone can tell me who did it, since I intend involving the police; there is, I understand, no law of trespass in Scotland, unless damage has been done; the evidence of damage is there for anyone to see. I consider very carefully before deciding to cut trees, whatever the reason and I am incandescent with rage that someone with no right do so has lopped them randomly and illegally. Comment left on 18 January 2009 at 22:18 by Ann Hill
So far nobody has been able to find out who the amateur lumberjack is; the Community Council have no idea; their plans for keeping the path open did not involve tree cutting. This problem has occurred in the past when the National Trust sent a group of volunteers to cut things down and strip ivy from walls. It would have been a common courtesy to ask me to walk up the garden and agree which plants should be trimmed rather than come in and start cutting; there can be few other places in Cromarty where strangers coming into the garden and doing a bit of pruning would be considered acceptable! Be on the look-out as someone might just take a spite to your planting scheme!
I would still appreciate information about this, as would my friends and neighbours; some of them have, in the past, been refused permission by Highland Council to remove or trim trees in their own gardens but have been sent large bills for clearing away the same trees when they have eventually fallen on to the paths! What a strange world! I am beginning to understand why some people plant those awful Leylandii hedges to keep the world out [and hide their chickens from passers by, but that is another sad saga]. As a footnote to any interested parties; in 22 years in Cromarty none of our cats has ever attacked a chicken.....strange eh?]
Comment left on 22 January 2009 at 07:19 by Ann Hill
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