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Fourways Celebration

Fourways Celebration

Date Added: 13 July 2005 Contributor: Alison Watson Year: 2001 Picture No: 1277

Albums: People

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I see a few familiar faces in this pic My Mother Jenny Shepherd sitting in the front row looking great and young as ever. Iris and Mary are behind her, then I think Catriona, June, Robin in front of Robin is John & Tommy can't mind the name of the other gentlemen I see Alla's Jenny& Dod is that Margaret Owens in front of him & The lady next Iris is Dorothy she is a resident at the Shoremill Residential home as is my mother.My word Mrs Newall looks young whats the secret with you ladies you don't look your ages.Rita say one for me while youre there I see Alison hiding behind the gentle mans standing next too margaret Isacson is that May & janet just behind Rita I just can't remember all the names can anyone help me out?Margaret Cooper & the organist are there next to Mrs Newall I may have made a few spelling errors with some of the names sorry folks looking foreward to reply soon. Comment left on 21 May 2008 at 01:18 by Dorothy Shepherd
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