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McFarquhars Bed

McFarquhars Bed

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Unknown Year: 1920 Picture No: 145

Picture showing Fishing Nets drying at McFarquhars Bed

Albums: Postcards, The Sea

Groups: McFarquhar's Bed


What happy memories this photograph recalls! Myself, Goodie, Abu, and Jim Darkie, stayed overnight in the Bothy, along with the salmon fishermen Jock Shepherd, Dan Macfarlane, Willie Mackay(Skip), and Jimmy(Dockie). A shared box bed, beautiful home made vegetable broth, made with 'Well' water from an adjacent spring! Then all up at 4am to hail the nets, with 'Dockie' giving despatch to the large salmon with a wooden club, immediately they arrived on board. By the way the 'flechs' in the box beds were in top form too! Comment left on 12 November 2003 by Clem Watson
Had spent quite a few nights and days around the bothy at McFarquhars Bed. In and out of all the caves - familar with every rock whether tide in or out! Learnt a huge amount of rope craft and knotting from the men, Ivor Ross in particular. A haven of information from net knitting to basic moving of heavy materials by hand. Treasured memories between there and the bothy in Cromarty. Comment left on 29 November 2003 by Dennis Manson
Yes Clemie. I remember being there as a youngster with my mother, Lalla MacFarlane and some of the family seeing my Grandfather, Dan MacFarlane. Comment left on 07 January 2004 by Patrick Swanson
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