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Cromarty Rose goes Blue!

Cromarty Rose goes Blue!

Date Added: 20 April 2007 Contributor: Duncan Butterfield Year: 2007 Picture No: 1876

Albums: The Sea


What no John Deere green paint lying about Tom? Comment left on 20 April 2007 at 17:00 by Tipper's Mum
Please tell me shes not actually going to be that colour!? Comment left on 21 April 2007 at 00:03 by Scott Young
Thats the colour she was went she went off to Buckie last week for her annual re-fit. Lets see if she is the same when she comes back! Comment left on 21 April 2007 at 19:15 by Calum Davidson
Oh she'll be that colour when she comes back. I'm sure her new colour will be the topic of debate for some time to come. Comment left on 22 April 2007 at 11:52 by Ronald Young
She should be black and white. The blue doesn't look good, well not not in that photo anyway. Comment left on 26 April 2007 at 17:02 by Anon
Cromarty Rose in blue..... well, I think a blue rose is possible, but not natural. Comment left on 06 May 2007 at 18:02 by Martin T
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