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The Cromarty Rose

The Cromarty Rose

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: David Newman Year: 2002 Picture No: 202

Picture showing the Cromarty Rose (Cromarty - Nigg Ferry) taking on passengers at the Cromarty slipway.

Albums: The Sea


The Person Who Is To The Right Letting The Passenger On To The Boat Is Eric Thomas. Comment left on 03 May 2005 at 00:54 by Raymond Thomas
I wrote a poem about it:

The Cromarty Rose

The Ferry that ferried
us over to Nigg
Was the Cromarty Rose
that is not very big.

It has room for two cars
and three bikes at a push.
And it's every half hour
so there's no need to rush.
Comment left on 02 October 2005 at 13:55 by Robert
Now Raymond u would think you would recognise your own father by now. That man to the right is actually Laurie May and not your dad, your father looks a lot younger than that. Comment left on 02 October 2005 at 20:15 by Ronald Young
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