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Regatta Spectators - c 1930

Regatta Spectators - c 1930

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Unknown Year: 1930 Picture No: 245

Andrew Bathie's father has identified a number of the individuals in
the picture and listed below are their names or nicknames. picture #114 shows this without the numbers.

1. Elizabeth? Finlayson "Eppie Jigger".
2. Mrs. Watson "Red Jeanack" wife of "Sandy Beard".
3. Hossack "Yachtie".
4. Annie McLeman "Annie Cracker"
6. Robert Urquhart "Bobbie Eapie".
7. David Summers "Dave Tuffers".
8. Cathy? Finlayson "Cathy? Dyle"
9. Mrs. Watson "Potts".
10. Mrs. Finlayson "Doash"
11. Isabella Finlayson (nee Mcleman) "Bella Dhu"
13. George Grant "Doger"
14. Hogg "Skay"
15. Gilbert Hogg
16. Jean Hogg "Jean the Burn"
17. George Hogg
18. Finlayson "Puffer".
19. Hogg "Jigger"

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The hill is where the watchtower now stands, and these viewers are outside the fence so that they don't have to pay to get in. Comment left on 11 March 2003 by Eric Malcolm
I think number 12 is a young bobbie 'stitchie'. Comment left on 29 September 2003 by Clem Watson
The man standing at the back with binoculars is my grandfather Donald (Dan) Ross, the Harbourmaster Comment left on 13 September 2017 at 15:26 by Campbell Ross
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