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Gala Week Fancy Dress Parade - c1969

Gala Week Fancy Dress Parade - c1969

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Alan Doull Year: 1969 Picture No: 274

Ken Scott-Lodge, Jan Scott-Lodge, Donald-Danny MacIntosh and Nancy 'Poachie' Roehling are some of the people visible.

Another pic of this event can be seen on picture #273.

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Earlier that year Gerry Smith had caught a huge skate in his net - approx 8 feet nose to tail - which he brought into town on his trailer. My mother is dressed as a Mermaid, with my father as Gerry showing off his latest catch. Comment left on 26 March 2003 by Garve Scott-Lodge
I'm sure that standing to double D's right is our street cleaning operative, Bobby Mackay - hasn't changed much. Comment left on 01 April 2003 by Sue Florence
Don't think Donald Mackintosh is in the photo but the man with the glasses on could be Kenneth Howse. Comment left on 06 June 2003 by Kenny MacFarlane
The little girl beside Ken Scott-Lodge is probably Hazel MacLean. Comment left on 25 June 2003 by Jan Scott-Lodge
Kenny, there is no way that's [Wilbur] next to Bobby - he looks too old. Comment left on 30 June 2003 by Sue Florence
Sue's right Kenny, that's definitely not Wilbur. Comment left on 06 July 2003 by Jackie Bain
Who's that pretty lady posing for the camera? Wait a minute thats my granny! Comment left on 18 July 2003 by Kahlia
The little girl is not Hazel, Mum, it's me. Comment left on 28 July 2003 by Loren Scott-Lodge
Rats! ---What an unnatural Mother I am!!--It really doesn't look like you, darling, and I'm sure I never cut your hair in a straight fringe!! Comment left on 28 July 2003 by Jan Scott-Lodge
That's definitely not me with the glasses! Comment left on 24 January 2004 by Kenny Howse
Man with glasses isn't Donald Mackintosh - he didn't wear glasses until much older - definitely not!! Comment left on 16 August 2004 at 20:41 by Lisa McGuiness
If I remember correctly, the skate was never used for anything or even eaten. It was dumped over the wall on Braehead, where it rotted and stank for weeks. What a waste - it should either have been eaten or released alive. Comment left on 17 August 2004 at 16:33 by colin
I'd say the man with the glasses is my uncle Morris (Blocky) Shepherd. Comment left on 25 August 2004 at 22:15 by Ronald Young
Jan did you think this was me Hazel Pendle (nee MACLEAN) as in 1969 I was 15 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comment left on 26 March 2005 at 00:23 by HAZEL PENDLE (NEE MACLEAN)
seeing you in this picture reminded me of us and a few more being jerry smith's haream. i dont recall the year, Comment left on 20 February 2010 at 15:26 by Gladys Shepherd Nee Parsley
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