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John Wittiton gravestone

John Wittiton gravestone

Date Added: 04 August 2010 Contributor: Ruth MacGregor Year: 2010 Picture No: 2740

Photo taken June 2010.The inscription is fading fast, so it would be good to have it recorded. The stone is in the middle graveyard, near the gate on to the Paye.

It reads:
His glass is run, his watch is o'er
The boatswain's pipe he'll hear no more.
Secure he lies in death's cold bands,
Till the last trump shall call all hands.

Albums: Graves and Funerals


There must be other gravestones in all of Cromarty's graveyards that could be recorded for posterity. Comment left on 08 August 2010 at 21:30 by Rona Thomson
The Ross & Cromarty Roots website has photos of virtually every headstone in the various Cromarty cemeteries. Comment left on 09 August 2010 at 13:45 by Robin Munro
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