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HiFab hostesses - c1973

HiFab hostesses - c1973

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Garve Scott-Lodge Year: 1973 Picture No: 286

The christening of Highland 1, one of the oil platforms for the Forties field, was a big affair, and the above pic shows the tartan-clad hostesses prior to the party. A few were from Cromarty, including Janice Scott-Lodge, far right at front.

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Wilma MacKay, third from right, top row -- the best secretary and P.A. in HiFab! And Jayne Dedecker is in the centre of the front row -- the only one not wearing tartan. The outfits were from Laird-Portsh and Prince Philip was very taken with them --including our hostesses!! Comment left on 15 April 2003 by Jan Scott-Lodge
5th from the left on the back row is Rosemary Croucher. I remember the one on the extreme right married one of the Americans - I worked with her years later on the BP Miller project but can't quite recall her name. Comment left on 10 April 2004 at 23:36 by Margaret Mulcahy
Yes, Rosemary was my Travel Manager and very good she was too!. The one on the right --do you mean the one in red tartan? --If so, that was Sheila Hall who was my Senior Secretary after Wilma. I'd love to know how to contact her --I haven't been in touch since the late '70's. Third from the left on the back row was Fiona (?) and in the middle of the back row standing forward is, I think, Hilda Porter who went on to be the Senior Vice-presidents secretary. And fifth from the right on the back row in the brown tartan is Carole Piper. Comment left on 11 April 2004 at 20:06 by Jan Scott-Lodge
The right-most of the two ladies in trouser suits is Margaret Beattie. Three along from her is Barbara Sutherland. Above Jan Dedecker is Hilda Porter. Comment left on 01 September 2004 at 14:42 by Ken Gordon
4th from right on back row is Sue Taylor, then secretary to Vince Doherty, Equipment Superintendant. She was also my wife at the time! (Divorced years ago, but still friends!)
Added by Denis Taylor, one time assistant to the formidable Janice Scott-Lodge!
Comment left on 01 February 2005 at 19:25 by Denis Taylor
Back row 6th from right is Cathie MacKenzie. We both worked at the site and Cathie left sometime in 1975 to work with Cromarty Firth Port Authority. We stayed at Glastullich Farm until end of 1976 and left the area to live in Holland. We now live in North Yorshire.

I'm certain Dennis Taylor gave a home to one of our kittens, as did Ackie at Arabella store

Many happy memories of being ast site and living in the area
Comment left on 24 December 2007 at 18:10 by Alastair MacKenzie
Absolutely true, I gave homes, in fact, to two of the MacKenzies' kittens. Named by the kids as Tigger & Bagpuss, they lived to a disreputable old age first in Alness, and later here in Halifax, West Yorkshire, which is now home. Comment left on 30 December 2007 at 19:22 by Denis Taylor
What ever happened to Hilda Porter and her sisters? Where are they now? Would love to know. Also, what ever happened to that wonderful lady I used to baby sit for, Janice ScottLodge?? Wonderful woman, was very kind to me> Roseanna Schoebella. Comment left on 06 January 2008 at 13:22 by Roseanna Healy
Roseanna - Hilda Porter died two years ago after a long illness. The only other Porter I still keep in contact with is Fions. She is married to Mike and has two lovely daughters now. Living in Halifax. That wonderful lady you talk about is Garve's (who runs this site) mum!!! Hi Garve! Comment left on 07 January 2008 at 18:50 by Ken Gordon
Thank you Ken for letting me know about Hilda. I am gobsmacked and deeply shocked at this news. So very sad that she is amongst so many people, who have been called long before their time.Please pass my condolences to Fiona.
As for Janice, I realise that she is Garve's mummy, I babysat for her when she lived in Nigg.She was always so glamourous, that I wanted to be like her, but I realise she was probably a tough boss.
I am slowly with the help of one of my clients, drafting memiors of my "colourful" life, starting with my upbringing in Nigg, hence, looking into archives of my past.My hubby Tim, is so fascinated with past history of Nigg, Cromarty and surrounding villages that he wants us to relocate there.
Comment left on 09 January 2008 at 18:57 by Roseanna Healy
Sorry I haven't logged on to the Image Library site for such a while -- too busy travelling! But I would love to contact Rosaeanna directly --I remember her so well and what a wonderful caring person she was! If you contact Garve at Plexus Media, he will give you my e.mail address. Comment left on 29 August 2008 at 21:18 by Jan Scott-Lodge
Third from the right is Fiona McCallum, her Dad Angus used to be the transport manager, not heard from Fiona for a few years now, but I know she has two daughters one of 18 (we both produced girls the same year) ha ha and i know she had another daughter after that, last I know of Fiona she was living in Wick or Thurso... not sure maybe I am wrong.... If your're out there Fiona get in touch okay....x
Oh and that's Jan(who used to do the mail) standing next to Sheila Hall
Comment left on 10 September 2008 at 13:35 by Christine Robinson ( Watson)
If anyone remembers Racheal Roberts from Alness my brother Stephan Jones from Cardiff would just like to know what happened to her? ( Curious ) Comment left on 09 November 2010 at 18:58 by John Jones
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