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View from the West - c1960

View from the West - c1960

Date Added: 12 March 2011 Contributor: Ruth MacGregor Year: 1960 Picture No: 2903

The Bayview houses at the 'Craftie' don't seem to be completed yet - there don't seem to be any windows in place.

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I believe Granny and the other Bayview residents moved in in 1937. Now that date might be wrong, but I was staying with Cromarty Granny for my holidays since 1950. Comment left on 19 March 2011 at 15:10 by Margaret Tong
My mum! Dorothy, daughter of Jenny and Kenny Shepherd, had 11 Bayview Cresent since my mum was 5, about 1964 till about 2000 when Jenny moved to Shoremills Residential home, so I would say you are spot on with the date, and it was another 10 years before Townlands Park was completed to the right of the church. Wher was this taken? Imay get out and take the same shot it would be good to see how much it really has changed!! Comment left on 04 March 2012 at 18:25 by Mark Bown
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