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Lighthouse and Coastguard Station - c1945

Lighthouse and Coastguard Station - c1945

Date Added: 09 September 2003 Contributor: Sandra MacDonald Year: 1945 Picture No: 481

The notable thing about this postcard is the high fence at the top of the brae, presumably keeping people out of the Army Camp on the links. There are also a number of electric or telephone wires running from Reay House and the Lighthouse to the links. There is a triangular construction on top of the lookout tower.

picture #298 shows a painting of much the same view.

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The fence referred to was erected to enclose the Nissen Huts, which eventually became the Polish Army Camp. The grass area in the foreground from Coastguard Hut to the bottom of Duke Street was used to park their Bedford trucks, and Bren
Gun carriers. The Polish soldiers asked myself & my contemporaries to go and buy 'one bread' (with minimum English, what they called a loaf), at Matheson's bakery. A loaf then was about 5d (2p today). Going to the shops for them had its rewards, (as 9/10 year olds) we were allowed to sit at the controls of trucks & bren gun carriers.
Comment left on 07 November 2003 by Clem Watson
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