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Lazy Corner - c1985

Lazy Corner - c1985

Date Added: 15 September 2003 Contributor: Archie White Year: 1985 Picture No: 498

Albums: People


Don't have a clue about the rest, but the one on the left is Goodie Shepherd (my Granda).This is taken in the year I was born. Hope that is only a pint of milk in his right hand!! Comment left on 06 October 2003 by Greig Thomson
L/r goodie shepherd, ernie shepherd, tommy mackerlear, murdo mackay(big murd), ??, dodie taylor Comment left on 15 March 2004 by Anon
I'm sure thats not Big Murd, is it not Joe kynarsic[ can't spell the Polish pronounciation] and Blockie Shepherd. Comment left on 16 March 2004 by Sue Florence
It certainly is my great-grandfather, Joe Kynarzyk, and not Big murd. Comment left on 03 February 2005 at 10:50 by Lisa
The one on the end is Johnny Gilmore. Comment left on 24 August 2005 at 21:58 by Ronald Young
it certainly is your great-grandfather Lisa Jozef "Kniarzyk" husband to Margaret "Magie" Gape who both stayed at 6 duke Street Cromarty Comment left on 01 November 2009 at 17:29 by Annon
I remember that day like it was yesterday lol we were all swimming .... it is Joe and Johnny Gilmour etc big Will's dad too.
Comment left on 27 November 2016 at 18:20 by Gary Mcknockiter
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