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Capt John Watson

Capt John Watson

Date Added: 28 November 2003 Contributor: Clem Watson Year: 1909 Picture No: 586

Wearing his Boer War medal on his left lapel, and the Royal Humane Society medal on his right lapel (with one of the 5 Clasps he had to this initial medal). He later bought the Ailsa which ran between Cromarty and Invergordon.

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Watson was awarded the RHS bronze medal on 5 occasions, receiving the initial medal plus 4 clasps (not 5 clasps as above).
Medal 28/11/1894, RHS case no. 27450; clasp 1/10/1898. case no. 29787; clasp 19 9/1914, case no. 41276; clasp 11/11/1914, case no. 41280; clasp 13/9/1919, case no. 45187. The RHS bronze medal was awarded with 4 clasps on four occasions. It was awarded with 5 clasps only once (to Henry Sayer).
Comment left on 24 April 2006 at 13:06 by Craig Barclay
I'm working on my family tree and my greatgrandmother had a brother John Watson born about 1865, who, I think, served in the Boer War. He'd trained as a ship's carpenter. My great-grandmother was Jane Watson, born 1860 in Fishertown. Their parents were Donald (Daniel) Watson, fisherman, dead by 1861, and Jane Hogg who died in 1919 at 17 Shore Street ... she'd been a 'sick nurse' according to various Censuses. I can't trace John Watson after the 1891 Census when he was in Edinburgh. Does anyone know if this could be the same John Watson? They also had a sister Isabella (Bella), married name Skinner, who died in 1913 at 85 Shore Street. Comment left on 06 October 2007 at 18:02 by Isabella Rae
I´m the granddaughter of John Watson, daughter of Ernest Watson and Edith Watson nee Quick living in South Africa. Left Cromarty in 1948. Comment left on 01 June 2012 at 14:19 by June Ann Watson (Lang)
Hello June...Good to hear from you after so long, bringing back happy memories of our childhood in Cromarty. I remember well the day you and the family sailed away to South Africa,and as it was then a world away from Cromarty. Your mother and my own mother (Grace) were good friends and you will probably remember the afternoon walks along to the "new harbour" at the red burn. I also remember,for a different reason the time your father pulled me out of the harbour otherwise I might not be writing this. Nice to hear from you June, and all the very best. Comment left on 08 June 2012 at 00:26 by Alex Grant
Thanks Alex, enjoyed your response. At the moment I am visiting my daughter and her family in Portugal. We were hoping to visit Cromarty but it doesn't seem as if we will be able to this time. I visited Cromarty a few years ago, met up with my cousin Clement and his wife Jean and my cousin Veronica. We stayed overnight at Ivy's Little Coutage, the visit was far too short but I managed to find my grandparents house at Sea Bank house and the house I lived in in Church Street. Enjoyed it very much. Comment left on 23 August 2012 at 14:47 by June Ann Watson (Lang)
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