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School show - c1972

School show - c1972

Date Added: 05 December 2003 Contributor: Paul Shepherd Year: 1972 Picture No: 601

Back row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Neil Macpherson, Michael Macbean, ?, Linda Cameron, ?, Christopher Kay, Roger Kay.

2nd row from back: Kathleen Shepherd, Sandra MacDonald, ?, Colin Dunn, ?, Warwick Johnstone, ?, ?, Christel Shepherd, Colin Morrison, ?, Catherine Matheson, Robert Cameron (Droopy), ?

3rd row from rack: ?,?,?,?,?,?, Stuart Mackay, ?, Dougie Shepherd

Front row: Lorna Matheson, Sandra Bain, Iain (Beanies) Matheson.

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Back Row: Derek Matheson, Margaret MacLeod, Lillian Logan, Hazel MacLean, Neil MacPherson, Michael McBean, Shirley McBean, Linda Cameron, Janet Feasey, Christopher Kay, Roger (or was it Richard?) Kay

2nd Row from back: Kathleen Shepherd, Sandra MacDonald, Ian Clasper, Colin Dunn, Stephanie ?......., Warwick Johnstone, David Shepherd, William Nicholson, Christel Shepherd, Colin Morrison, Helen Cameron, Catherine Matheson, Robert Cameron, Stephanie's brother ?????

The witch was played by Angela Taylor

In the second row from the back there's a girl called Stephanie and her brother is at the far right of the same row. I can't remember their surname but I think they lived up at Davidston or Allerton for a short while. Can anyone remember?

Does anyone remember who played the gingerbread men?

Comment left on 17 August 2004 at 16:50 by Sandra Campbell (Bain)
2nd ROW 8th FROM LEFT IS JOHN REID and FRONT ROW 2nd FROM RIGHT IS MANDY REID Comment left on 13 April 2005 at 21:01 by HAZEL PENDLE (NEE MACLEAN)
John & Mandy reid are not old enough to be in this photo, they are 6 & 7 years younger than me! Comment left on 19 April 2005 at 23:43 by Lillian Thomson (Logan)
This must be 1973 not 1972. These children were in P5.6.7 when I started work at Cromarty in 1973. Comment left on 13 May 2005 at 19:14 by Jean Ross
Gingerbread men/women, Ann Sharp, Billy "Tipper" Thompson and Albert "Abbie" Reid will be in there, Stephanie & Christopher CONROY Comment left on 01 November 2009 at 17:59 by Annon
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