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Bella Chapman & Mary Davidson - c1963?

Bella Chapman & Mary Davidson - c1963?

Date Added: 22 March 2004 Contributor: Mary Campbell Year: 1963 Picture No: 711

Mary says "This photograph is of my grandmother, Bella Chapman and my great aunt, Mary Davidson taken in the back garden of 11 Church Street."

"Mary Davidson may be well remembered by the more mature (!) - she was the one who mostly served behind the counter at the newsagents at number 9 Church Street. During the school holidays I used to help out in the shop and I remember how dirty my hands used to get when dealing with the newspapers."

"The newspapers used to be collected every morning in a trolley made of wood and painted green - it was just a wooden box with a hinged lid, four wheels and a handle to push it. Delivery of newspapers used to be done using the same trolley. Aunt Mary used to do deliveries, as did Daisy McKay. I remember there was another lady who used to do so but I don't recall her name - does anyone remember?"

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I remember them very well Mary ....many a time my Mum would send me along Church Street to Chapmans to collect her "People's Friend" and the other Newspapers ....the big treat each year I remember was when Chapmans got some fireworks in in time for Guy Fawkes night !!!! Comment left on 22 March 2004 by John Macdonald
Lovely photo, Mary. Do you know what happened to the trolley? Please don't tell me it made good kindling. Comment left on 22 March 2004 by Margaret Tong
I haven't a clue what happened to the trolley. For all I know it did land up on the fire!! Comment left on 22 March 2004 by Mary Campbell (Munro)
My very favourite time in the shop was when the order was delivered of the pre-Christmas stock and I would help with the inventory - ticking off all the items from the order. It was magical seeing all the toys and books - just like Christmas morning (except of course that my pile was far smaller and less exciting!!!) Comment left on 22 March 2004 by Mary Campbell (Munro)
The trolley ought to be in the Cromarty museum, Mary! But the museum didn't exist then, so what can you do? Comment left on 22 March 2004 by Margaret Tong
Mary, is that the Victoria Hall behind the garden? You know I have no sense of direction :-) Comment left on 23 March 2004 by Margaret Tong (Cowie)
I think you must be wrong about the year, Mary - granny looks remarkably well preserved considering she died in 1965! Comment left on 23 March 2004 by Robin Munro
The year (c1969???) was my guess (editor) - I've revised it downwards now. Comment left on 23 March 2004 by Garve Scott-Lodge
Margaret - the building is not the Victoria Hall but the English (Episcopal) church next to the Hugh Miller Institute Comment left on 24 March 2004 by Calum Davidson
Thank you for explaining the Episcopal Church in the other photo. I have my bearings now! Comment left on 25 March 2004 by Margaret Tong (Cowie)
I don't remember the fireworks, John. Presumably because I was not in Cromarty at that time (there were no school holidays then!) However, I DO remember the People's Friends! I used to associate this magazine with the "old ladies" and was slightly embarassed to acknowledge that there could be some items of interest in them! Comment left on 25 March 2004 by Mary Campbell (Munro)
Portraits of each of these ladies when they were younger have been supplied by Mary Campbell. Bella is on picture #815 and Mary on picture #816. Comment left on 02 June 2004 at 16:18 by Garve Scott-Lodge
Robin Munro's comment made me smile the years do appear to be a bit, hit or miss. Comment left on 27 August 2004 at 00:07 by Colin Morrison
The other lady was my Granny Katie MacLean. She used to pick up the papers from the harbour from Albert Watson's who picked up the papers from Invergordon by boat then pushed the green trolley to the shop then she would do a delivery of papers on her way home. I have great memories of this as a child. Granny would let me push the trolley when I stayed in Cromarty on my Holidays. Comment left on 16 September 2012 at 18:52 by Kathleen MacLennan
Kathleen - the ladies in the photo are Bella Chapman and Mary Davidson, as stated above Comment left on 26 September 2012 at 05:38 by Margaret Tong
Thank you for that information, Kathleen - I think we knew your granny as Katie-Anne - would that be right? I remember that green trolley so well - i think it must have been a bit sturdier than it looked!
Comment left on 26 September 2012 at 11:03 by Mary Campbell
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