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Bowling Trophies - c1988

Bowling Trophies - c1988

Date Added: 03 December 2004 Contributor: Catriona Gillies Year: 1988 Picture No: 977

May Ross, John Gilles and Peggy Hossack.

Albums: People

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Did May not serve in the paper shop owned by her sister Margaret? Peggy was a carer her and her husband Donny lived in Bayview Cresent. John lived at the corner of the Denny with his sister Catriona and their two dogs Whisky and Soda. Catriona ran the Post Office for a long time, she used to close half day Wedenesday. She also was my Sunday School Teacher along with Mrs Newall. Comment left on 05 May 2008 at 00:33 by Dorothy Shephepherd
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