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Maintenance on the Lighthouse

Maintenance on the Lighthouse

Date Added: 03 March 2005 Contributor: Gillian Newman Year: 2005 Picture No: 1059

3rd March 2005. The black paint has been stripped from the cupola exposing the copper underneath.

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Is the Lighthouse still in operation or is it no longer required? I would be interested to know. Comment left on 04 March 2005 at 22:22 by Mary Mackay now Harrison
The lighthouse is still in operation, now completely automatic, like all lighthouses off the Scottish coastline, and controlled from Queen Street in Edinburgh. The former lighthouse keepers house, I understand, is a Research Centre studying dolphin activity, and operated by Aberdeen University. Comment left on 05 March 2005 at 17:51 by Clem Watson
Thank you for the information Clem I remember watching the Lighthouse at night completely mesmerised by its flashing and thinking "if it wasnt for that light there could be a shipwreck" and that was when I was only about 8 or 9. Its good to know that it is still in operation. Thanks again Clem Comment left on 05 March 2005 at 22:14 by Mary Mackay now Harrison
The lighthouse was built in 1846 by Alan Stevenson who was the uncle of the famous Robert Louis Stevenson. The cost of building it was around £3,030. The scaffolding in the picture would cost as much today! Comment left on 08 March 2005 at 20:43 by Campbell Ross
AS a child I lived on Saltburn Road in Invegordon & could see the light from my bedroom window, my dad was a postman & he used to meet the Cromarty boat to collect the mail from Albert. Comment left on 05 July 2008 at 22:45 by Liz Adam nee Askew
The light is no longer in operation, it was 'permanently discontinued' as from 28th February 2006. Comment left on 06 July 2008 at 21:27 by Ronald Stewart
Does any one know the fate of the lighthouse since it went on the market a year or so back? Did anyone buy it? Comment left on 08 July 2008 at 12:12 by Ann Hill
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