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35 Bank St

35 Bank St

Date Added: 14 April 2005 Contributor: Garve Scott-Lodge Year: 2005 Picture No: 1158

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My grandad, Roderick Duff, [picture #1412] lived there in the 30's. He now lives in Telford. He says his next door neighbour was Albert Watson and his other neighbours was the Ross's'. Comment left on 02 July 2005 at 16:19 by Paul Thomas
We bought this house from Miss Chandler and Miss Stevenson in 1996 who for many years had taken lots of children from Glasgow to Cromarty for their holidays. The house is know by some as 'The Orphanage' There were 14 beds in the house when we took it over. Our housewarming party was held before any repairs and we had 100 people throughout the house and a full celidh band in the yard. We didn't get to bed until 7am the next day. Comment left on 31 October 2005 at 08:23 by Steve and Christine Johns (France)
Paul, I'm glad to hear 'Derry' Duff is still alive, I remember him, and his sister Jessie who lived next door.
I remember them leaving Cromarty some time after their father passed away in the 1950's. Last time I
saw Jessie, she was a 'Clippie' working on a Glasgow Tram, again early 1950's.
Comment left on 02 November 2005 at 13:24 by Clem Watson
I remember the orphan children, in particular, one, whose name I've forgotten. I have a memory of a teenage attraction and a dance at the hall.
I hope he's doing well.
Comment left on 25 September 2007 at 05:24 by Margaret Tong
My Grandad was born here in 1914 - illegitimately to Mary Ann Matheson (who, I think was a housekeeper). We think the father was named Walden and was English. It was a very painful secret for him. Who owned the house in 1914? It seems to have been a boarding house then as well. Comment left on 29 April 2008 at 13:21 by Sharon Elisara
I have since found out that my great grandmother Mary Ann Matheson (see above) took in lodgers at Newton Villa Strathpeffer yet had her baby (known as Frank Davidson after adoption) at 35 Bank St. I would love to know about the house at this time. Comment left on 27 December 2019 by Sharon Elisara
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