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Annual Report of the Cottage Hospital

Annual Report of the Cottage Hospital

Date Added: 22 April 2005 Contributor: Clem Watson Year: 1937 Picture No: 1171


Forty-Third Annual Report of Cottage Hospital, Cromarty. Opened 22nd June 1894. Forty-Third Year of District Nursing in Cromarty. 1937. Printed by the Ross-shire Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd., Dingwall.

Inside this lists the folllowing:-

The Proprietor of the Estate of Cromarty
The Sherriff of the County.
The Provost of Cromarty.
The Parish Minister of Cromarty.
Dr GG Middleton of Davidston, Cromarty.
WFB Scott Esq, Rosenberg, Cromarty.
Chairman of Governors - GDN Ross Esq of Cromarty.

Managers for 1937-38
Chairman:- Dr GG Middleton of Davidston.
Lady Ross, Cromarty House
Mrs MM Mackay, Reay House
Mrs EL Ross, "Mary Ness", Cromarty
Dr GG Middleton of Davidston. and Mrs Middleton
Dr D Johnstone and Mrs Johnstone, Station Road, Dingwall
Dr KJA Gillanders and Mrs Gillanders, Cromarty
Captain D Morison of Navity and Mrs Morison
Ex-Provost John Bain and Mrs Bain, Cromarty
Ex-Provost Peter Hay, Rurki, Cromarty and Mrs Hay
Mrs Middleton, Rosefarm
WFB Scott Esq, Rosenberg
Jas A Maclean Esq and Mrs Maclean, Commercial Bank House, Cromarty
David Malcolm Esq, MA, The Schoolhouse, Cromarty
Don A Fraser, Esq and Mrs Fraser, Bank of Scotland House, Cromarty
Mrs Chapman, Cromarty Mains Farm
Captain and Mrs Shaw-Mackenzie of Newhall, Balblair
WF Robertson, Esq and Mrs Robertson, Newton, Cromarty
Miss AA Murray, St Ann's, Cromarty.

The booklet also contains a two page written report and tables of information about patients, accounts and donations.

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Report by the Managers - 1937 The Managers of Cromarty Cottage Hospital and Nursing Association have pleasure in submitting the Forty-Third Annual Report. Twenty-three cases were treated in the Wards of the Hospital during the year, of which number, nine were Maternity cases. The Nurs paid 2451 District visits and 2035 visits were paid by patients to the Dispensary. The balance brought forward as at 15th May, 1936, was �92 7s 5d. Income for the year amounted to �280 103 5d, included in which, and apart from the ordinary subscriptions and donations, are the sums of �100 Grant from the Ross-shire (Mainland) Federation of District Nursing Associations; £25 from Cromarty Literary Society, being proceeds of Concert by Harmonica Band of H.M.S. "Rodney"; �7 11s, proceeds of Whist Drive and Dance organised by Mr Bracewell and crew of s.s."Osterhav"; �4 4s, donation from Cromarty Firth State Management Districe, and �28 1s 4d Interest on Investments. Expenditure during the period amounted to £343 11s, leaving a credit balance of £29 6s 10d to be brought forward to the new year. The Managers expressed their deep regret at the death on 4th January last, of Mrs M. D.J. Urquhart, widow of the late Mr George Craigie Urquhart of Castlecombe, Sutton, Surrey. Mr and Mrs Urquhart always held the interests of the Hospital very near to heart, and the Managers wish to record their gratitude at the legacies falling to the Institution under Mr Uquhart's will, (1), £500; (2), £1000 to endow and maintain, as far as possible, a bed in the Hospital to be known as the "George Craigie Urquhart Bed" and (3), One-third share of the residue of the estate. The Managers record their appreciation of the splendid service rendered to the Hospital by Dr Gibson during the years he acted as Honorary Medical Attendant, and the regret they feel in accepting his resignation at this time. They are also indebted to Nurse Ross for her valued work in the Hospital and District, and to Miss Ross for so efficiently managing the domestic arrangements. They express a warm welcome to Dr Gillanders, who, since Dr Gibson's departure, has acted as Honorary Medical Attendant with great acceptance. The Managers again thank everyone who has contributed to the support of the Institution in any way, and earnestly solicit continuance of this assistance. Signed, G.G. Middleton, Chairman. Comment left on 22 April 2005 at 14:56 by Garve Scott-Lodge
Very Interesting Garve ..I was born there in 1947 ..I take it the that the Dr Gillanders mentioned in the managers for 1937-38 ..was the same Doctor that was around Cromarty ..and had his surgery in Church street next to the Cromarty Arms Hotel the late 50's early 60's ? Comment left on 22 April 2005 at 15:26 by John Macdonald
Hello John, It's Clem here, yes it was the same Dr Gillanders in the 1930's thro' until the 50's, he in turn had a son Louis, who went on into medicine, qualifying as a Doctor, and continued in practice as a Professor/Surgeon, dying, about three years ago. I recall seeing a newspaper article about him at that time. Comment left on 24 April 2005 at 21:10 by Clem Watson
Yes Clem Dr Gillanders used to come out to Jemimaville to see patients. There was a unique system in place. If anyone wanted the Doctor they went down to Scott's garage and Hugh snr or James would telephone and the doctor arrived in the afternoon [if non urgent]. Louis attended me once when I had tonsilitis. Dr Gillanders was a lovely man who would sit by your fireside and have a cup of tea. Comment left on 28 April 2005 at 21:56 by Mary Mackay now Harrison
Also published in the small booklet/report is an entry, and I still have the receipt, to say that the cost for my mother's 14 day internment after my birth, cost the princely sum of £14-14/-, in today's money £1.05p per day. A week for the same period in Raigmore today would be £6000!! Comment left on 19 March 2006 at 12:51 by Clem Watson
I lived in Mount High and my Doc was Dr Anderson in Fortrose. When I left School in '55 Doc Gillanders gave me a medical prior to my joining the Royal Navy. I will always remember his kind words of support and best wishes for my future... Comment left on 18 March 2007 at 16:41 by Padric MacDonald
I was born at this hospital on 7 October 1941. Birth certificate shows my names as Anthony Eden WEIR. However, I was given up for adoption at three weeks in South Africa. My biological father was a Bombardier in a regiment which was based at Cromarty during the 2nd world war.

Does anyone remember Weir's in Cromarty at that time, or know where I might find more information.
Comment left on 04 June 2008 at 21:24 by Anthony Richardson Ross BULLOCK
To date no one has been in contact with me regarding my birth at the Cromarty Hospital on 7 October 1941. I reside in Port Elizabeth South Africa and would be most interested to trace my biological family history. I see that I wrote on 4 June 2008 last. Please could someone help with a little bit of information. Comment left on 12 November 2010 at 09:45 by Anthony Richardson Ross BULLOCK
Hi, I was born in the Cottage Hospital on 10/09/1951. My father Dan Pearce was in the army and based in the area at the time. Anyone have any more info about that time? Thanks Dan, Poole Dorset Comment left on 28 February 2012 at 14:33 by Dan Rowley
Both myself and my husband were born in the hospital and we now live here in the former hospital now known as Gisborne. The hospital closed in 1954 and became a residence in 1956. I am not sure where relevant paperwork about the hospital is kept. The local registrar at the time of your birth would have been Essie Harries and her books and records would I think, be transferred to the registrars office in Dingwall. Comment left on 06 March 2012 at 19:22 by Rhona Garratt
I was born in the Cottage Hospital in Cromarty on 1st August 1953. Comment left on 31 January 2024 at 12:29 by Gwyn Tanner
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