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Greig Thomson's Birthday

Greig Thomson's Birthday

Date Added: 21 June 2005 Contributor: Douglas Shepherd Year: 2005 Picture No: 1252

Not the type of picture we'd normally include on the Image Library, but Dougie persuaded me we should make an exception in this case - picture #1251 shows another from the same night.

...and no, we don't have the young lady's name or telephone number.

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This is becoming a tradition! But I think this beats last year's photo from Greigs b'day of him and Dave! (picture #826) You could fry an egg on those cheeks! (Greig's I mean!) Comment left on 21 June 2005 at 18:24 by Ciaran
My uncle Dougie probably didn't mention that it took him 4 days to recover from the excitement of seeing the scantily-clad blonde. I'm sure everyone can see how embarrased I was. Since that night I've been thanked so many times by so many over-50 year olds for giving them the first glimpse of flesh they've had in a long time. I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Comment left on 26 June 2005 at 23:53 by Greig
Well Greig glad to see that all the trouble that myself and Ciaran went to tracking down the only stripper in the Highlands paid off and don't forget its my 30th soon so I shall be expecting something good?? (I will give you some lessons on cheek slapping one day when your old enough). Comment left on 30 June 2005 at 14:17 by Warren Young
I like it
Greig, you better get used to seeing all those sorts of girls when you get older! good luck and hope you dont go as red as you did in that picture!
hope it was good anyway!
Comment left on 24 July 2005 at 16:28 by All The Girls From Crom!
Except me. Comment left on 14 February 2006 at 02:06 by Isla Hill now Thomson
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