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Croms in a bit of bother.

Croms in a bit of bother.

Date Added: 10 November 2005 Contributor: Isla Hill Year: 2005 Picture No: 1403

Once again the proud reputation of Cromarty is ruined by the actions of a few tearaways on a trip to the Piggery.

[Editor's note: this is in no way an attempt to besmirch the name of the local constabulary. 'The Piggery' is the local nickname for the Nigg Ferry Hotel which these youths were visiting at the time of this picture - whew! got myself out of that one]

See also picture #1401 and picture #1402.

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On behalf of Croms everywhere, I would just like to say 'smart hair' to Rocco. Comment left on 18 November 2005 at 13:50 by Anon
I want a new photo of Rocco's hair up, as none of these photo's show it for the tourist attraction it has become. People travel from all over the world to see it now! It has its own tribute band and range of souveniers and is even expected to launch its own fragrance line in time for summer!!!........who has the photo's of when we straightened it? . . . . . Comment left on 29 March 2006 at 02:04 by Isla
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