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View from the West

View from the West

Date Added: 10 January 2006 Contributor: Paul Shepherd Year: 1980 Picture No: 1452

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This is my home town I grew up here in this beautifull seaside town. I lived at number 11, Bayview Cresent with my parents Kenny and Jenny Shepherd. Sadly my Dad died of cancer in August 1990, my mother is living in THE SHOREMILL RESIDENTIAL where she gets very well looked after by all staff in the family run home. I now live in DINGWALL my family are all grown up with families of thier own my two eldest children live in CARLISLE so I don't see them very often but we keep in touch. My youngest Daughter lives here in town with her partner and baby son so I see them nearly every day my third cild is in the army unfortunately we are not in touch I wish we were but thats life. My first child was born in Townlands Park on the 25th of Feb 1975, Dr Dorothy Forth just managed to be there to deliver him - he was premature so he spent a few weeks in The Special Care Baby Unit in Raigmore he is a true CROM!!. I married in the West Church on the 28th june 1974 my marriage only lasted till 1980. My first four children were to my marriage, I got into another relationship and had two boys who were adopted after I left my ex partner who was very abusive I know where they are but due to circumstances outwith my control I do not have contact with my boys who I still dearly love and miss maybe one day things will change who knows one day maybe I'll get a surprise that would be nice. They say time is a healer my heart is still broken the tears still fall but hope keeps me going and my love for my family will never die. Comment left on 01 May 2008 at 23:20 by Dorothy Shepherd
I remember Dr Dorothy Forth she attended my Granny MacKay From Jemimaville. What happened to her? I'm sorry to hear of all your ups and downs Dorothy I left The Black Isle in 1960 aged 17 and have only been back a few times since. I worked in an Hotel in Dingwall from 1958-early 1960 it was called the Wyvis Hotel and Restaurant, almost opposite Morganti's. Memories, Eh. Comment left on 02 May 2008 at 21:35 by Mary MacKay now Tomlinson Harrison
Everything changes. The last I heard DR Forth was in ABERDEEN area not sure if she is still with us. She loved her horses in fact she was tending to them when I went into labour it was her day off she was a good Doctor. My Late Father was born and brought up in DINGWALL in MillCRAIG Rd he was a painter by trade maybe you knew him or his family? his sister Alice SHEPHERD now BREMNER still stays in town in Dewars Square she is the only one left off dad's family. Please feel free to get back in touch it is good to hear from you.

Comment left on 04 May 2008 at 21:46 by Dorothy Shephepherd
For those that want to know Alice Jenny Shepherd is very unwell to the point that she has not eaten or drank in the last week. We ask you to contact the home at Shoremill for any further update. Or contact myself Mark Bown (grandson) or Dorothy Shepherd (daughter). If anyone knows family please tell them the seriousness, poor Jenny wises to go in peace with no further intake and is just a matter of time now before her heart shuts down. Comment left on 20 January 2014 at 23:02 by Mark Bown
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