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Wedding of Donald & Margaret Grant

Wedding of Donald & Margaret Grant

Date Added: 20 January 2006 Contributor: Margaret Cassie (Clelland) Year: 1925 Picture No: 1479

Margaret says "This group photo was taken at the wedding of my grand parents Donald Grant & Margaret Grant (nee Shepherd).

Second from the Right on the front row is my grannie's dad, James Shepherd. Third from the Right is my grannie's mum Mary Shepherd. The little boy sitting in front of her is Ernie Shepherd. The lady third from the Left is my granda's mum. Directly behind the bride & groom is Jane Eastwood (nee Shepherd), my grannie's sister. Can anyone name the rest?"

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The gentleman on the extreme right of the photo is the Rev. Gordon Moore who presumably officiated at the wedding. He was the minister at the East Church and was my late wife's grandfather. He had four children. The eldest, Bill was my late father in law and appears in the school photograph no.233. The other siblings were James (Hamish), Mary, and Gordon, all sadly deceased. I only wish I had discovered this site before Bill Moore passed away - he would have loved to contribute. I am sure that there are a number of old photographs from the family's time in Cromarty which I shall try and retrieve for your archives. Comment left on 12 March 2012 at 16:47 by Keith Moir
Hi Margaret. I haven't seen this one before. You might already know, but if not, the lady next to your Grannie is Aunt Kate, with Uncle Wullie in the back row to the left of the door. The man between your Grandad and Grannie Taylor is, I think, Bobby Grant who went to Australia. Comment left on 13 March 2012 at 23:30 by Alex Grant
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