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Elsie and Mary Munro

Elsie and Mary Munro

Date Added: 06 September 2006 Contributor: Mary Campbell Year: 1956 Picture No: 1725

Mary says
"A slightly different view of McFarquhar’s Bed. This is myself with my mother (Elsie Munro, nee Chapman) taken around 1956/7 I’d guess.

This was a favourite haunt of ours when we were young – my most memorable visit being as a young teenager when my brother Robin and I decided to go out one lovely summer’s evening and rather lost track of time. Needless to say, we had not told anyone where we were going and when we got back we found that there was a search party out looking for us!

My father had gone all the way along the rocks to the dripping cave (we discovered later that he had injured his toe on the rocks, which made him even more unhappy!). We met my grandmother (Bella Chapman) and her neighbour “aunt” Daisy McKay walking along towards the tennis courts and they sent us home post haste. I remember we were both sent to bed immediately – I think Mum feared for our safety had we been around when my father returned!! "

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I remember your telling that story, Mary.

I also remember, in our teenage years, you and Robin pushing and pulling me over the rocks to get to McFarquar's Bed.

It is a wonderful memory, but makes my arthritic knees all the more painful in remembering!
Comment left on 07 September 2006 at 06:51 by Margaret
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