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Bellevue House

Bellevue House

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Unknown Year: 1994 Picture No: 178

View from Church Street of Bellevue House c1994

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Can anyone tell me anything about the Cromarty Hospital - I understand it is now a dwelling house. I was too young to remember it in operation although I remember my Granny and my mother talking about it closing. It's only in the last few months I remembered about it. I'd be glad of any information. Comment left on 09 February 2005 at 13:18 by Mary Mackay Now Harrison
Not sure when exactly it closed but I know it was not too long after I was born. I was born there on 4th July 1951 and it was not too long after that it closed. (Not responsible in any way!!!!!!!!!!!!) Comment left on 02 June 2005 at 20:48 by Pat Swanson
Bellevue House was always of great interest to me as a young boy ...having to walk past it many times on the way to our house at 51 Church Street ....even after we moved to 17 High Street's appearance . and the period it was built always stuck in my mind ...I'm sure if the walls could talk could write a lovely novel ..of the days gone by. Comment left on 16 April 2006 at 00:58 by John Macdonald
I would love to know the history of this lovely house. Comment left on 16 April 2006 at 22:02 by Dorothy Robertson
My sister, Jane MacAulay, was born at the hospital 31 July 1953 and I believe it was closed not long after that. I do think SHE may have had something to do with it closing! Comment left on 17 April 2006 at 08:25 by Shelagh MacAulay (now Luck)
Most of you must remember Capt. Innes who lived in Bellevue House. He said he "fed and watered" a green lady ghost every night! I remember him walking along Church Street in the middle of the road, when a Rover car came up behind him and the driver blew its horn in frustration at being held up. Capt. Innes turned round, whacked his stick down on the bonnet and told the driver that he was around before motor cars were invented, so he was entitled to walk wherever he liked...point made! Comment left on 17 April 2006 at 14:15 by Campbell Ross
I never knew this house was a hospital Shelagh ? ..being born at the old Cottage Hospital myself at the other end of town ..I always thought that was the only hospital in Cromarty ? Comment left on 17 April 2006 at 14:22 by John Macdonald
I never knew it was either John. My comment abobe was about the only one I know. The one on the chore. Comment left on 17 April 2006 at 21:14 by Pat Swanson
John - I was going on the first comment by Mary which I thought was about the cottage hospital which Donald Matheson turned in to a house? Comment left on 18 April 2006 at 07:51 by Shelagh MacAulay (now Luck)
I never knew this house was a hospital being born at the old cottage Hospital myself at the other end of town and Ronald winton Betty patience (AVOCH) was the last two children born in it in (NOVEMBER 1953) Comment left on 18 April 2006 at 11:18 by (anon
I don't remember ever hearing that Bellevue was used as a hospital, but didn't someone tell me once that it was an officers' mess during WW1? Comment left on 18 April 2006 at 17:28 by Estelle Quick
It was certainly used by the Army in WW2. I remember Chris MacMillan saying that they put in the current metal windows. Dave might know more - he lived there in the 90's. Comment left on 18 April 2006 at 20:41 by Calum Davidson
Bellevue was definately used by the Royal Engineers during the Forties I think. My uncle was billeted there during that time as was the late Harry Kelly.Ronnie was born in November 1953 and was I believe the last Crom to be born there Comment left on 20 April 2006 at 23:00 by Iris Winton
Do you mean born in the Cottage Hospital though Iris? Not Bellvevue. Comment left on 21 April 2006 at 09:03 by Pat Swanson
The old hospital (where both myself and husband Ewen were both born) is where we now live. It is down by the shore along from the Royal Hotel and I believe, closed around 1954. The picture above is of Bellevue on Church Street. We are starting a Bed & Breakfast business in May, which we are looking forward to. We would love to hear from anybody who was born in the hospital and especially if there are any other couples born there who are now married. Rhona Garratt (nee Hogg) Comment left on 22 April 2006 at 10:33 by Rhona Garratt
Yes P at I did mean Ronnie was born in the Cottage Hospital sorry for the confusion
Love to your mum 1
Comment left on 22 April 2006 at 22:48 by Iris Winton
Bellevue House as well as No 60 Church St. was owned by a Mrs. McLean-Watt who I believe lived in London and let the property in the 50's. Comment left on 04 November 2006 at 19:22 by Dennis Manson
Sorry everyone I seem to have confused everybody with my Hospital enquiry I thought that Bellevue house had been the hospital my mistake. Comment left on 04 November 2006 at 21:37 by Mary Mackay now Tomlinson-Harrison
Bellevue was let out to the NHS 1949/50. Nurse Peg Brown and her Mother lived in it until Weatherglass House had been renovated into a surgery and a home. Comment left on 05 March 2023 at 15:54 by J Brown
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