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Courthouse & Library

Courthouse & Library

Date Added: 16 November 2006 Contributor: Alexandra Norton (nee Watson) Year: 1920 Picture No: 1786

Note the town cross is not yet in place.

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Don't you mean the drinking fountain? Comment left on 17 November 2006 at 00:59 by Estelle
Town Cross is in place! it's the fountain Mrs Slader used to hit with her car, when going full astern, near Forsyth Place, that's now in front of the library. Comment left on 21 November 2006 at 22:22 by Clem Watson
Clem, you took me down the Fountain Brae in the snow on a tin tray when I was about six years old, we went all the way from Forsyth House to Mr Hogg's bothy. I thought you were the cat's pajamas! My Mother wouldn't let me go down the Denny and I got very up set that it was only for the big boys. Happy days. When was the Fountain moved? I don't remember it at the top of the Brae, although Mother still talks about the Fountain Brae. Comment left on 22 November 2006 at 10:23 by Arthur Bird
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