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The Royal Hotel - c1935??

The Royal Hotel - c1935??

Date Added: 09 April 2007 Contributor: Anne Short Year: 1935 Picture No: 1870

Taken from the harbour, this shows the Royal and Marine Terrace looking substantially different from today.

Ther is no sea wall for a start, and a lady, some children and a dog are sitting on a bench by the shore. A bartender perhaps is standing in the doorway of the public bar, and a motorcycle and sidecar is in front of what is now the lounge bar. The pillar and railings between the two bars (matched by another at the far end of the hotel) are no longer there, and of course the old porch has been superceded by a conservatory.

There is clearly a building between the hotel and the factory which predates the annex, recently knocked down to create the Admiral Napier flats.

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