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St Regulas Church with Tower

St Regulas Church with Tower

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Unknown Year: 1900 Picture No: 191

This drawing shows St Regulas church (then known as All Saints Church) with the tower that it was originally supposed to have but which was never built. An inscription at the bottom shows that the drawing was created by Ross & MacBeath, Architects.

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This is indeed St Regulas Episcopal Church, designed by Dr. Alexander Ross of Inverness, who was
also the Architect responsible for the design of Inverness Cathedral, along with many of the other Churches in the Highlands, irrespective of denomination. Other fine buildings credited to him are:-
Ardross Terrace & Ardross Street Inverness, and the last of the 19th Century extensions to Cawdor
Castle. I served my time in the Queensgate Office of the same practice, with Dr Ross' son, J.Alistair
Ross, as an architectural draughtsman.The original watercolour of the above, hung in the 28 Queens-
-gate Office, along with those of Inverness Cathedral, all the personal work of Dr Alexander Ross.
The tower, as envisaged, for St Regulas, did not go ahead due to lack of funding..what's changed?
Comment left on 07 April 2005 at 16:52 by Clem Watson
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