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Jessie Reid Classmates 1929

Jessie Reid Classmates 1929

Date Added: 27 August 2007 Contributor: Arthur Bird Year: 1929 Picture No: 1987

Eric Malcolm gave this picture to my brother Peter, the year we think is 1929, Mother would be aged 12. She has identified the group as:
Back row left to right: Isobel Muir, Catherine Hossack (later Cheeseman), Jessie Reid(later Bird), Hetty MacGregor, Isobel McCloud, Bessie Jack, Cathy Clarke

Front row left to right: Maimie Fraser, Connie Summers, Eva McDonald

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I am disappointed that my sister Emily Taylor is not on this picture as I assume she would have been in this class, however during this school period 1929/30 she was ill with Rheumatic Fever fortunately she did recover and returned to school, I haven't any school pictures of my sister Emily and I am very pleased and find it interesting to see them on this website. Emily does appear on a school picture of 1926 courtesy of Eric Malcolm. Comment left on 27 August 2007 at 20:11 by Jean Bell (nee Taylor)
Can anyone confirm that the young ladies Isobel Muir, Isobel McCloud and Cathy Clarke as on this picture, #1987, are the younger ladies Isabel Muir, Isa Macleod and Cathie Clark as on #333, School Picture of 1926? Notwithstanding the slight differences in spelling. Comment left on 27 August 2007 at 20:41 by Jean Bell (nee Taylor)
Very interesting picture as I have been trying to trace Isobel Muir who emigrated to Canada with her mother after her father died. They lived in Mizpah House in Cromarty - left to them by Alexander MacKenzie, Isobel's grandfather. Comment left on 13 November 2007 at 22:02 by Iain Guthrie
Where is Mizpah house and what is it's history? Comment left on 11 January 2009 at 05:04 by Lisa McMurray
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