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Hugh Miller Sundial

Hugh Miller Sundial

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: David Newman Year: 1995 Picture No: 221

This picture of the Sundial (Carved by Hugh Miller) was taken in the rear garden of Miller Cottage before the garden was altered.

Albums: Gardens, Plants & Trees, Hugh Miller


This sundial is absolutely gorgeous. Comment left on 04 December 2005 at 19:01 by Anne Cromartie Burton
Our House in Jemimaville has carvings on the stonework done by Hugh Miller. I grew up in that house but I saw that it was in a sad state of dereliction on my last visit to the area in 1987. But I believe that it has now been rescued and will be totally refurbished. I will be very pleased to learn how it looks when complete. It should be allowed to come alive again. Comment left on 05 December 2005 at 22:32 by Mary Mackay now Harrison
Sundial shows some fine detailed carving, can Mr Newman confirm whether it was carved from one slab of stone, or 6/7 individual sections using dowels? Comment left on 08 December 2005 at 21:23 by Clem Watson
Hello everyone! I am looking for pictures of a sundial that Hugh Miller had dug up in the beginning of 19th century and that had ended up in the yard of the Albion House in 1980's.
I am an archaeologist from Finland doing research on sundials and I would appreciate if some one over there would be able to snap pictures for me of the sundial. It is of lectern type and has a four pointed star on it. It was at first next to this dial at Hugh Miller's house but later on dissappered. Then in 1985 it was reported to be in the yard of the Albion House, whether it is still there is a mystery! And if it is I sure would like some pictures of it. Especially I would like closeups on the numbers or other features on the dial, so I could evaluate the age of it!
Any information on the dial would be appreciated!

susa.kuokkanen (at )
Comment left on 13 October 2021 by Susanna Kuokkanen
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