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Inverness - Cromarty bus on fire - 2003

Inverness - Cromarty bus on fire - 2003

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Garve Scott-Lodge Year: 2003 Picture No: 223

The local auxilliary fire brigade in action.

Groups: Inverness - Cromarty bus goes on fire - 27-02-03


This was the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'm the one in the white T-shirt. This was classic! Comment left on 28 February 2003 by David Hogg
In Australia we would call this fire a Barbecue!
I can't remember Victoria Park being so full with spectators!
To be serious though- I'm glad to hear no one was injured.
Comment left on 03 March 2003 by John Macdonald
This was a feather in the cap of the local lads as we had the fire out before Inverness firefighters arrived. It was only last Tuesday when we were at a medal presentation in Fortrose that we were saying the chances of Fortrose not being able to attend a Cromarty fire were slim to none. How wrong can we be sometimes. Comment left on 03 March 2003 by Ronald Young (Cromarty Fire Brigade)
I agree with David, this was brillant! Unfortunately I was standing behind the photographer but I still saw the whole thing which has to go down in Cromarty history! Comment left on 07 March 2003 by Charlie Davidson
One more time:- The greatest day in my life!!! I still can't get over that day. I can only hope it happens again sometime, and that all the young ones of Cromarty are there to witness it. Comment left on 02 October 2003 by David Hogg
It's true, it's true. It was a landmark in Crom history. A moment to be remembered forever and ever. Amen. (I was behind the camera) Comment left on 06 October 2003 by Greig Thomson
Gutted - missed it!!!
Comment left on 08 November 2003 by Magnus Davidson
I'm well gutted I missed it- all I saw was the smoke rising!!!! Comment left on 01 January 2004 by Sophie Ratcliffe
ha ha ewan, u look out of proportion in this pic!kenpock is coolio no.1, and so r his socks!wooyeah!!!!
y does everyone in cromarty say "gutted"???and "my bad"?i still have'nt painted the hello off of my wall!! oh well pigs smell.
p.s ill c u all in august! ha ha ha ha ha(when i come up from edinburgh)
also coolio bus on fire, u may b surprised but nothing like that ever happens down here
adios bacon roshers
Comment left on 18 February 2004 by Republic Of Ireland SIN
Who set the bus on fire this is the funniest picture I have seen yet - how did the boys get home that evening? Comment left on 03 August 2006 at 22:41 by Donald Matheson
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