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Storm on Shore St - 1983

Storm on Shore St - 1983

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Pete Mackenzie Year: 1983 Picture No: 247

Prior to the boulders (rip-rap) being placed in front of the sea wall, storms like this were frequent in the winter.

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Because the waves would hit the wall at an angle, as kids we would stand beside the wall at the bottom of the Little Vennel and watch this 'Geyser' coming towards us, trying not to be the first to chicken out and run inland.

After a storm like this, people who lived on the seafront would find seaweed and crabs in their back gardens or in their fireplaces having come down their chimneys.
Comment left on 11 March 2003 by Garve Scott-Lodge
Who was the poor street cleaner who had to tidy up this mess ? Comment left on 11 September 2003 by John Whyte
I lived at 62 Church St. in 50's - 60's and the swell of an easterly gale didn't make so much mess as far as I can remember. It mostly came ashore between the two vennels and with less debris as there was more sand along the shore. Muscles were introduced between the lowtide levels and they soon covered over areas of sand holding it fast. There was a nice area of sand most of the way along that we played on from the Burn to the salmon bothy. Comment left on 12 March 2004 by Dennis Manson
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