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Youth Club c1977

Youth Club c1977

Date Added: 24 February 2011 Contributor: Alison Jack Year: 1977 Picture No: 2881 view zoomified version

At the doorway of the East Church Hall. Receiving the award is Sandra Macdonald - not sure who's presenting it.

Left to right: John Macaskill, Stuart Mackay, Willie Mackay, Angus Macaskill (back), Forbes Scott-Lodge, Donald Elliot (back), Donald Waters (back), Allan Campbell, Gary Thomson, Michael Mcbean (back), ?, David Logan, ? (back), David Shepherd, Kate Jack, Mary Mackay, ? (back), ?, ?, ?

Groups: Cromarty Youth Club


Presenting the award is Captain Peter Grimes of the Army Youth Team. Though Im sure he has had many promotions since then, so is probably no longer a captain. Comment left on 25 February 2011 at 19:23 by Alison Jack
Could the person to the right of Michael McBean be Marjorie Johnston & also her daughter Debbie at extreme right hand side? Comment left on 03 March 2011 at 07:19 by Anonymous
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