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Children from Cromarty School

Children from Cromarty School

Date Added: 13 August 2011 Contributor: George E Gilmour Year: 2011 Picture No: 2985

"Children from Cromarty School on the beach, which is close by, during their playtime."

I am uncertain of the date of this newspaper cutting but I think it is about 1955 - several well known folk appear in it - including some who have passed away. Sorry I cannot give all the names but would like to know who everyone is and where they are today.

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I recognise (I think) Jean Mackay and John Duncan in the front left and Valerie Walters 5th along from them.I think Grace Jack is 2 along from Valerie. Ann Low is about 4th from the right in the middle row. This group is a few years older than I am so I am not sure. Comment left on 19 August 2011 at 22:31 by Hazel Clark
Not sure but I think the young lad in the middle if the front row maybe my brother David Fraser, who has passed away. I am younger and have been looking for myself in these photos. Thanks for posting. Comment left on 27 March 2013 at 19:10 by Phil Butz
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