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TN 8852 by the front factory building - c1948?

TN 8852 by the front factory building - c1948?

Date Added: 19 August 2011 Contributor: Alla Macdonald Year: 1948 Picture No: 2996

Note that there is a sea wall, but it doesn't extend right along to the harbour. The harbour office shed is visible behind the car. The large version of the pic zooms in on the car, driver and buildings visible through the rear windscreen.

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It looks like a woman driver. Wonder who that might have been. Probably not too many in those days. Comment left on 21 August 2011 at 01:47 by Caroline Fair
Could it have been Lady Ross? Comment left on 23 August 2011 at 18:57 by Mary Mackay now Tomlinson Harrison
Good suggestion, Mary! Comment left on 24 August 2011 at 00:02 by Margaret Tong
I think it is Albert Watson Comment left on 25 August 2011 at 11:01 by Anne Short
Are you sure this is a car? Look at the height of the roof compared to the driver's head. By the shape of the roof and the height it looks more like a van with a window in a back door. Also, the driver's left ear is showing, so it may be a man. I think it might be older than 1948-ish too. My father's old Ford 8 was ST 8694 and it was mid 1930s. But I could be wrong! Comment left on 25 August 2011 at 16:37 by Campbell Ross
Just a suggestion, but looks very like an early 1930s Ford Closed Cab Pick Up. If you look closely at the R/H side you can just see (I think) the outline of the cargo box. The other indication is the front bumper bar, the design, certainly early 1930s. I agree with Anne in that I also think the driver is Albert. It's quite possible the photo was taken in 1948 as those Fords lasted forever. Comment left on 25 August 2011 at 22:52 by Alex Grant
I think you're right, Alex. This Ford model apparently also came with a wood kit for the roof and everything above the windows, which would account for the less streamlined roof shape. Ford also changed the bumper shape after about 1932/33, so that would put this model about 1932 at the latest...I think!! I agree Albert could a likely candidate for the driver! Comment left on 26 August 2011 at 13:11 by Campbell Ross
Johnny Gray (senior) whom I think was a coast guard worked from the building visible at the end of the harbour. Comment left on 26 August 2011 at 23:02 by Hazel Clark
Is duidelijk dat een A ford is persoonlijk denk ik rond 1929 kan als pick up of bestel.

Translates as "It is clear this is an A Ford. Personally I think from around 1929, could be either a pick-up or a van."
Comment left on 04 September 2011 at 18:32 by Jan De Vries
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