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Cromarty Primary School - Classes of 1977

Cromarty Primary School - Classes of 1977

Date Added: 03 October 2011 Contributor: Dianne Smith Year: 1977 Picture No: 3018

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Back Row - Left to right

Angela Reid, Donna Stewart, Stuart Hill, Allan Campbell, Martin MacKay, Duncan McBean, James Fraser, Lynne Sharp, David MacPhee, Robert Cooper, Audrey MacKenzie, Evan McBean, Maurice Mulhearn, Vincent Owens.

2nd Back Row - Left to right

Yvonne Nicolson, David Franklin, Kim Sharpe, Gordon Kelly, Lynne Thomas, Wendy Franklin, Douglas Kelly, Grahame MacPhee, David Watters, Stroma Campbell, Mandy Reid, Josephine Shepherd, Lorraine Hill, David Logan, Gary Thompson, Allan MacDonald.

3rd Back Row - Left to right

Paul Shepherd, Leonard Reid, Nathan Gorman, Carston Innes, Robert Watson, Shaun Anders, Donald Cameron, Laura MacDonald, Steven Kelly, Miranda MacLennan, Trica MacIver, Kenneth Young, Christina MacIntosh, Jacqueline Pickett, Catherine Tilbrook.

4th Back Row - Left to right

Gregory Cooper, Blair MacKay, Jacqueline MacLemman, Joyce Thompson, Donna Logan, Rosemary Chalmers, Malcolm MacIver, Kevin Richie, John Reid, Andrea Cummings, Colin Logan, Steven MacPhee, Jacqueline Winton, Yvonne Sim, Wendy Reid, Donna Sim, Elizabeth MacLeod, Loren Scott-Lodge, Andrew MacKenzie.

On Seats - Left to right

Wanda MacKay, Elaine MacDonald, Yvonne Urquhart, Kelly Lewis, Gillian Shepherd, Laura MacDonald, Anthony McEwan, Callum MacIver, Kerry Ratcliffe, Tracey McIver, Harvy Smith, Neil McIver, Raymond Thomas, Linda Richie, Jane-Anne MacLennan, Fiona Shepherd, James Anders, Rosemary Kelly.

On Floor - Left to right

Adrain Hill, Leslie Nicolson, Malcolm MacPhee, David Jack, Roger Hendry, Murdo MacKay, William Taylor, Terence Owencs, Georgia Tilbrook, Paula Stewart, Catherine Shepherd, Yvonne Cooper, Lisa Brewster, Fiona MacDonald, Serena Shepherd, Shona Robinson.

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Wow! Many, many friends on here. Before my time in Cromarty, though. Comment left on 04 October 2011 at 23:26 by Jess Alexander (Gunn)
Great photo! Lovely seeing Gary and Josie as they used to be! Many memories there! Comment left on 07 October 2011 at 22:28 by Rona Thomson (aka Miss Beaton)
I saved Malcolm Mcphee from drowning, he had fallen from a boat at the pier. He stayed with his gran. I have been back there a few times, the pier was closed and the cottage where he stayed was derelict. Comment left on 25 January 2015 at 21:12 by William Baird
The surname is wrong, it is McPhee and not MacPhee Comment left on 04 December 2021 by David McPhee
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