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Robert Skinner - c1930

Robert Skinner - c1930

Date Added: 14 November 2011 Contributor: Heather McAdam Year: 1930 Picture No: 3050

This photo shows my grandfather Robert Skinner (12.5.1900 - 18.2.1964)on the right with possibly his mother Christina Skinner nee Finlayson (16.9.1878 - 6.12.1933) and younger brother possibly Hugh? having a wash outside. They are probably outside 88 Little Vennel around 1930.

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This could be 87 Little Vennel, my childhood home, and I wonder if the lady baiting the lines is my grandmother Catherine Hogg (Watson) 10th April 1861-27th Sept1938. She was the widow of Alex Hogg (Fisherman), who was drowned in the Cromarty Firth along with his brother (grandfather of Bobby Hogg) 3rd May 1921. My grandparents bought N0.87 for £100 on 20th April 1900, it is now the home of Catherine my brother's widow. Comment left on 14 November 2011 at 20:19 by Bertie Macdonald
I have a Christina Finlayson b.1878-d.6.6.1933 in Cromarty M.Robert Skinner b.1873. Christina Finlayson d.6.12.1933 aged 55 beloved wife of Robert Skinner who died 20.6.1939 aged His brother, Alexander Skinner died in active service 23.6.1941 aged 30. There was another brother Hugh who died December,1952 aged 32 and another brother John Skinner who died 22.11.1958. Could this be your Robert Skinner? Comment left on 07 December 2011 at 08:44 by
Yes. This is the same family. What is your link? Comment left on 11 June 2012 at 10:09 by Heather McAdam
MY link starts with Donald Skinner.b.31.8.1746 d.15.3.1792 married Anne Johnstone abt.1767 all in Cromarty. Do you have anything on this line?
My link in Robert Skinner and Christina Finlayson's generation goes with David Manson Skinner and Helen McIntyre Simpson who immigrated to Sydney Australia on the Bann in 1884. Will be glad to help with anything I have.
Comment left on 12 June 2012 at 11:33 by Pamela Hoad
Hi Pamela, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have been moving house. I too have Donald 1746 and have info on this line through John 1777, right down to Robert 1900. Were the parents of your David Mason Skinner - John Skinner and Ann Taylor Mason? I have very little info on this branch, so it would be great to get more. I'm happy to fill in any blanks if I have them. Great to hear of a branch that settled in Australia. Can you imagine how brave they were? Cheers, Heather Comment left on 29 September 2012 at 18:44 by Heather McAdam
HI Heather, I too have moved house this year, exhausting isn't it? My link is with John Skinner and Ann Taylor Manson through to David Manson Skinner and Elizabeth Ellen Simpson. I am the granddaughter of their only son, Robert Bruce Skinner. If I can help you with anything let me know as I have it covered. I am still trying to confirm the parents of Donald Skinner, b.31.8.1746 in Avoch, if you know anything about him I would be grateful. Yes I do believe they were very brave in coming out here I have the diary of their trip here on the Bann in 1884. Comment left on 02 October 2012 at 06:52 by Pamela Hoad
Hi Pamela - I have been looking into this as well and also picked up on your search on the Avoch Image Library. If we take Janet b 1737 is Donald b 1746 sister then Donald b 1726 could not be their father as this would make him 11yo at the time of Janet's birth. A likely match could be (from LDS) Donald b 3.3.1719 in Cromarty?

Here is a link to a transcript of a Donald Skinner buried in Avoch

This states he died 1783 aged 65. However a different transcription - this puts his age as 52. So it's a bit of a mystery! What do you think? Regards Heather
Comment left on 14 October 2012 at 21:31 by Heather McAdam
Hi Heather. I have Alexander Patience marrying Janet Skinner b.1737 married 7th May, 1767 in Avoch. If this Janet Patience (nee Skinner) is the daughter of Donald Skinner and Margaret Davidson It would be great to have a death certificate of Janet that might have the parents confirmed as Donald Skinner and Margaret Davidson.

I could only confirm their marriage from the Scottish family history. This is looking good to me though, what do you think our chances are of confirming it? Thank you for your input, it has given me new hope and enthusiasm again.
Comment left on 23 October 2012 at 09:31 by Pamela Hoad
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