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Cromarty Ladies' Football Team

Cromarty Ladies' Football Team

Date Added: 15 February 2012 Contributor: Alla Macdonald Year: 1958 Picture No: 3099

Anyone know the date? Year is a guess. There are some well-know faces there.

Update: 5th March - Thanks to Iris Winton and all the others who've commented.

Back Row: Catherine Taylor, Rena Shepherd, Jo MacFarlane, Helen Couper, Nellie Hogg
Front Row: Jean Macleod, Catriona Gilles, Renee Hogg, Eunice Grant, Margaret Owens, Peggy Hossack

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This photo would have been taken earlier than 1960 as my mother Helen Couper (Hogg) left Cromarty in 1959. It is just great seeing these photos as I have never seen them before.

[Thanks Rhona. I've changed the date to 1958. More likely? Editor]
Comment left on 20 February 2012 at 11:08 by Rhona Garratt
This photo was taken in 1953 as I was still in school Comment left on 23 February 2015 at 17:18 by Margaret Owens Ne Mackay
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