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Gordons Lane

Gordons Lane

Date Added: 01 January 2003 Contributor: Calum Davidson Year: 1900 Picture No: 313

From a book of photographs published by John Bain, Draper and Clothier, Cromarty. 1900. The cottage at the front left of the picture is now Harold Hossack's yard.

Photographed by Valentines Dudee.

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The tall white building on the left is Shore Inn, which was pulled down in the 50s. My grandparents, Dan and Teeny Robertson lived there and I remember it well. The living room had two large mirrors, with "McEwans Pale Ale" or something similar painted across them. The livingroom had two small windows that looked out on to the back of the house opposite and was pretty dark. Dan had a place at the bottom of the house, which he called the "Store" and where he cup his firewood. When I look now at the space it occupied I can hardly believe it, as I always thought of it as a vast room with a high ceiling. Comment left on 09 February 2005 at 16:38 by Freda Bassindale
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