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Bobby and Helen Hogg

Bobby and Helen Hogg

Date Added: 06 October 2012 Contributor: Joanna Garratt-Rodriguez Year: 1995 Picture No: 3234

Bobby and Helen Hogg at one of the many May parties in their garden. Possibly 1995 or 1996. With their upbeat sense of humour, genuine kindness for their fellow townsfolk and love for each other, they truly were an inspiration to us all and both will be sadly missed.


Lovely photo. Those garden parties were an annual highlight! What a hostess Granny was! Comment left on 08 October 2012 at 13:39 by Louisa Garratt
Thank you Joanna for this photograph, it is lovely. I regularly visit the Cromarty Image Library and search for Cromarty on Google. I was very sorry to read that Bobby had sadly passed away recently. Helen and Bobby made me and my family very welcome when I first visited Cromarty in 1988, to try to find the house that my great-grandfather Walter Ross Denoon lived in when he was young.

The first person we met was Helen, walking up Denny Road so I asked her if she knew of a such a house. To this day I vividly remember Helens reaction when I told her my name. She became very excited indeed, and told us to come to her house ( which was the old Denoon house in question !) and she then ran up the hill shouting Bobby! Bobby! David Denoon is here!

Needless to say we did not go far from Cromarty on that first visit,  as Helen was inviting a lot of people round to see us. It turned out that Helen and I were related, and she knew a lot more of the Denoon family history than I did at that time. Thanks to Helen, my links with Cromarty became much closer.

My wife and I went for a holiday in Cromarty for about the next 12 years, and even stayed with Helen and Bobby once and enjoyed every minute of every visit.

They were a lovely, lovely couple and I owe them a great deal. They will never be forgotten by me, and I am certain that a lot of other people will miss them also.
Comment left on 09 October 2012 at 11:49 by David Denoon
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