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Salmon Fishing net drying in the sun. summer 1973.

Salmon Fishing net drying in the sun. summer 1973.

Date Added: 31 January 2014 Contributor: Unknown Year: 1973 Picture No: 3363

This is the "box-like" head of the net where the fish would be cornered having swum against a wall of mesh and been lead into this trap.

Hung like this the net could be inspected and any damage repaired.


This is the famous Norwegian bag net,to give it it it's full title,200+ years old, & has never been modified, it's been so successful over the years, used all around the coast of Britian, sadly not used so much nowadays. It gave way to salmon farmed fishing, the making of the bag net was a skill in it's self. In fact the whole aspect of salmon fishing should have been recognised as a trade, but was considered seasonal work. John Reddigan 01/03/2014. Comment left on 01 March 2014 at 15:46 by Johnreddigan
The net is set 100yds or so off the shore and is connected by a leader. As the fish swims along it hits the net and avoiding the shore swims out towards the wing. The salmon continues in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction depending on which side it arrives and unable to turn back ends up in the bag.I remember 133 landed one morning with one over 50lbs and needing a special box put together for transport by Albert's ferry to Invergordon.Those were the days when a 6lb fish was known as a grilse!! Comment left on 04 March 2014 at 19:05 by Dennis Manson
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