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Rosehaugh entering the harbour - 2003

Rosehaugh entering the harbour - 2003

Date Added: 30 April 2003 Contributor: Garve Scott-Lodge Year: 2003 Picture No: 342

The Rosehaugh was the last Kessock ferry, superceded by the Kessock Bridge opened in 1982. Used here to transport cargo and personnel between rigs in the firth and Invergordon or Cromarty.

The ramps for cars at the fore and aft port side have been removed but otherwise it looks much the same.

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When she was new she actually had 4 ramps, one at each corner.
Comment left on 25 January 2004 by Ronald young
Was this not the Eileandubh? Wasn't the Rosehaugh the bigger ferry? If you look on isn't that one the Rosehaugh? Comment left on 06 February 2004 by Wilma
No, this is definately the Rosehaugh. The Eilan Dubh can be seen on picture #329. The angle of this picture foreshortens her a bit, and I think, looking at the picture on the other site that some of the passenger accommodation has also been removed. Comment left on 06 February 2004 by Garve Scott-Lodge
Yes, half of the accomodation was removed to allow for more cargo space and the wheelhouse has been extended. Comment left on 06 February 2004 by Ronald Young
I stand corrected. Also I think I need another pair of glasses!! Comment left on 07 February 2004 by Wilma
It sad to see the Rosehaugh look as she is now. We all loved the Rosehaugh here at South Kessock - many happy memories. Comment left on 09 March 2009 at 16:14 by Dell McClurg
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