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East Church - c1900

East Church - c1900

Date Added: 17 July 2003 Contributor: Douglas Macdonald Year: 1900 Picture No: 393

Notice the long, low cottages behind the large tree. This is the area which later became Nicol Terrace. The tree can be seen in picture #277, dated at 1909, by which time Nicol Terrace had been built.

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This is the church that one of my relatives was an elder in. I came across it in a book that my late uncle wrote. Comment left on 17 July 2003 by Douglas Macdonald
Notice how pristine the 'Table' gravestones are, 100 years on they are all covered in lichen.
Comment left on 29 March 2006 at 22:16 by Clem Watson
I've discussed this with David Alston, and the key difference between 1900 and 2006 is that the Glebe Land above the Kirkyard is now full of trees. This significantly increases the shade, and I would suspect the moisture in the air. Hence the Lichen, which also grows heavily on our slate roofs. Comment left on 30 March 2006 at 20:32 by Calum Davidson
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