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Eastwood family group - c1933

Eastwood family group - c1933

Date Added: 18 August 2003 Contributor: Sandy Russell Year: 1937 Picture No: 454

This is a picture of the Eastwood family who lived in number 62 Church Street (Dave and Gillian Newmans House). We think that Donald Grant (the bus driver) lived across the road in Mrs Hardys house. We don't know where the picture was taken!
Back row - Albert Eastwood (accordian), Violet Eastwood, Mary Munro (nee Eastwood) with daughter (Evelyn?). Donald Grant, bus driver with daughter. Ernest Shepherd (accordian).
Front row - ?, Cathie Russell, ?, ?.

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My Name is Violet Fox {nee Eastwood who is pictured above second from the left}. The people who are present are back row from the left:- Jackie Shepherd, Violet Eastwood, Mary Eastwood and daughter Evelyn, Donald Grant with Daughter Eunice, Ernie Shepherd.
Front Row From the left is Annie Ross, Cathie Russell, Sybil Pringle, ? I Cannot Id the last person { in hat}
The year is not 1933 the correct year 1937.
Comment left on 01 February 2004 by Violet Fox {nee Eastwood}
Thanks Violet, I've changed the date now. Comment left on 01 February 2004 by Garve Scott-Lodge
I came across this picture, my gr gr grandfather in Albert Eastwood he was born in 1862 in New York, if by any chance could he be my gr gr grandfather? He married Lois Williams. Thank you, Crystal Slaugh Comment left on 25 April 2005 at 02:12 by Crystal (Ziemer) Slaugh
I would like to know how Violet Fox (nee Eastwood) is related to Albert Eastwood, he is my great grandfather, my mother is his granddaughter, Illa Lee Eastwood. Can you please give me some information. Comment left on 02 June 2005 at 19:27 by Crystal Slaugh - great granddaughter of Albert Eastwood
Thos Creed Eastwood (My Father) died aged 49, 10.8.1933. He had 2 Sisters-Ada & Emily. He was born in Kent (I think) possibly Dartford/Rainham. We lived in Cromarty. My mother's name was Jane Anne. Albert Eastwood was my brother born 1915. Comment left on 08 June 2005 at 20:24 by Violet Fox
I have a large oil painting done by a Mary Eastwood in 1896. Acquired from someone who did not want it. And this is in Melbourne, Australia. Any ideas or clues on where to go next? Comment left on 05 December 2005 at 10:12 by Winston Ussher
Violet - Do you have any information about Albert's wife or wives? Do you know where Albert was born at? I tried getting a birth certificate on Albert, according to New York there isn't a birth certificate. Do you where he lived & Lois lived? Is there any information you can give me, my e-mail address is [email protected] I would like to hear from you about the Eastwood family. Comment left on 17 December 2005 at 19:43 by Crystal Slaugh
Crystal Slaugh - Albert Kenneth Eastwood - Born 1915 - Died 11th September 1971. Wife - Doris - deceased. Has a son Kenneth and a daughter Marian. Comment left on 18 December 2005 at 21:55 by Evelyn Eastwood Nicholson
I am quite sure Doris is still alive .
Comment left on 19 December 2005 at 23:09 by Anon
I was obviously mis informed about Doris Eastwood. Very sorry. Albert was born in Cromarty, Ross-shire, Scotland. Have no knowledge of Lois. I think we must be talking of two different Alberts.
Comment left on 20 December 2005 at 22:20 by Evelyn Eastwood Nicholson
Doris Eastwood Wife of Albert Kenneth Eastwood IS still alive. Comment left on 22 August 2006 at 14:11 by Kenneth James Alexander Eastwood
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