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The first QE2 visit to the Cromarty Firth

The first QE2 visit to the Cromarty Firth

Date Added: 06 November 2003 Contributor: Bill Wren Year: 1994 Picture No: 553

The QE2 leaving the firth can be seen on picture #38.

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The boat on the port side of the QE2 is the RAF vessel SEAL. Myself and Paul Shepherd were fortunate enough to be on the SEAL escorting the QE2 into the firth. Later that day we were given a guided tour of the QE2 and what an impressive sight she really is. Comment left on 07 February 2004 by Ronald Young
Isn't it wonderful that the cruise ships visit Cromarty. I remember when the firth was almost devoid of ships, so to see any Ships there is great. I was always sent along the beach between Jemimaville and Shoremills looking for wooden packing boxes [crates] for my Grannys firewood. They seemed to drift over whenever the Fleet was in. Oh happy days Comment left on 11 March 2005 at 14:15 by Mary Mackay now Harrison
Mary, You better head for CROMARTY ON THE 19TH JUNE when the newest, world largest Cunarder QM2 will arrive for the day, she'll arrive about 8am and depart about 6pm. Passing within half mile of Cromarty, all the vantage points will be taken early. The good thing about the Cromarty Firth is that it can take the worlds largest Cruise ships even at low water. QM2 is twice the gross tonnage of QE2, we'll see how she fits on the day! Comment left on 14 March 2005 at 21:55 by Clem Watson
Clem Thanks for the info If I can I will be there in June. It will be a wonderful sight to see the QM2 in the firth. It amazes me that these waters are so deep its incredible. I was so young when I left the area that it wasn't of interest to me but now I am so thirsty to learn more about my home area. Thank God for the net. Comment left on 15 March 2005 at 20:17 by Mary Mackay now Harrison
I Too Clem would love to be there see that spectacular sight ! I have many friends who have sailed in through the Sutors on various ships over the years ( mostly Entertainers working on board ) I have been trying myself to get one ...but so far it never works out ....but I'm working on it, maybe one day ..It would be nice to actually sail in on a suberb cruise liner through the Beautiful Sutors ..and up to Invergordon ...and see Cromarty from a totally different angle. Comment left on 16 March 2005 at 12:16 by John Macdonald
Great veiw, could Ii ask if anyone was there and where did the ship dock? Comment left on 10 November 2005 at 19:06 by An Old Fellow Of Cromarty
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