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Harbour extension - c1955

Harbour extension - c1955

Date Added: 18 November 2003 Contributor: Johnny Gray Year: 1955 Picture No: 569

Ships berthed against the now partially demolished concrete extension to the harbour. The bunting on the right would suggest this is during the regatta or gala.

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From the Inverness Courier - 7th Sept 1880.

Cromarty - The New Pier
"The contractors for the splendid new low water pier at Cromarty - The Northern Agricultural Implement Coy., Inverness - are making good progress with the work. The erection of the pier is a work of much importance to the town of Cromarty, and it is to be hoped that a revival of the trade of the port will follow the large expenditure now being made. The pier and iron bridge will cost upwards of �1000. At present we have a stone pier, or rather quay of a little harbour; and, built a considerable distance sea-wards of this quay, there is a great breakwater or broad wall of stone. Neither at the quay nor the breakwater can vessels of any size lie at low water, and the want of a low water pier has long been felt as a source of loss and inconvenience. The want is now being supplied."
Comment left on 08 September 2005 at 08:53 by Garve Scott-Lodge
There was no harbour extension at Cromarty in 1955? The 2 right angled cranes look to me like the work carried out around 1934? Yet the yachts look 'modern'? . The vessel alongside appears to be
a dredger.The iron bridge in the article predated this photo, which shows the concrete bridge of 1934,
now replaced by the ''current galvanised monstrosity''. What did happen at the harbour in the early 1950's was replacement of greenheart fenders, surface bolted to the existing 1934 piles.
Comment left on 08 September 2005 at 22:02 by Clem Watson
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