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Primary 7? - c1978

Primary 7? - c1978

Date Added: 05 December 2003 Contributor: Paul Shepherd Year: 1978 Picture No: 600

Back row: Evan McBean, Alan Macdonald, Stuart Hill, Duncan McBean, ?, Donna Stewart, Lynn Sharp, Audrey ?

Middle row: ?, Leonard Shepherd, Gary Thomson, Gregory Cooper (Peck), ?, Jaki Pickett, ?

Front row: Miss Todd, Yvonne ?, John Reid, Paul Shepherd, Josie, Joyce Thomson, ?

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Missing from the top row names are Kevin whose last name I can't remember, but his sister was Miranda, and Audrey's surname is MacKenzie. From the middle row next to Peck is Jaqueline MacLeman, and the other side of Jaki is Libby MacLeod. The first guy on that row is Malcolm whose dad was the lighthouse keeper. Malcom went out with Rosemary Chalmers who's on the bottom row at the opposite end from Mrs Todd. Yvonne's last name is Nicholson. Comment left on 07 December 2003 by Loren
Kevin's surname was Maclennan, Malcolm's was McIver and it was Lynn who Malcolm went out with. Comment left on 11 December 2003 by Jaki Pickett
Was Leonard's surname not Reid? Comment left on 16 December 2003 by Sue
Yes it was Sue well spotted - I knew I should have told Garve all the Names SORRY !!!!!!! It was front row Yvonne Nicolson after Miss Todd and Rosie Chalmers at the End. Comment left on 25 September 2004 at 03:24 by Paul Shepherd
Elisabeth McLeod is to the right of Jaki Pickett. Rosemary Chalmers is front row beside Joyce. I think, but maybe very wrong, that Yvonne's surname was Pickles????
I actually remember this photo being taken. How fantastic to see it after all these decades.
Comment left on 16 February 2006 at 13:52 by Audrey
I meant Yvonne Nicolson (have just spotted Paul's comment). Yvonne's nickname was Pickles. Sorry, no offence meant. Comment left on 16 February 2006 at 14:03 by Audrey MacKenzie
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