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Structure on Beddies - 1995

Structure on Beddies - 1995

Date Added: 03 February 2004 Contributor: Susan Florence Year: 1995 Picture No: 641

This structure, composed of some wooden piling and hewn sandstone block was seen by Susan during the 'lowest tide I've ever seen'. It is directly offshore from Stornoway House, and is roughly circular, about 20 feet in diameter. The point of the Sutor can be seen at the top of the picture.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Maybe it was a ship wrecked there - the wood could be the sides of the ship. Comment left on 03 February 2004 by Alex Scott-Lodge
I'm fairly sure this is part of a fish trap. You can see it running out from the shore in Clark's print of Cromarty in the 1820s - photo No 441 Comment left on 10 September 2005 at 17:29 by David Alston
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