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Postcard titled 'High Street, Cromarty' - c1913

Date Added: 03 February 2004 Contributor: Susan Florence Year: 1913 Picture No: 643 view static version

This pic shows a very busy High St. Particularly of interest is the house on the left with the crowstep gable, immediately after Sydney House. It's no longer there, and the furthest house we ca see has since been replaced.

The postcard is postmarked 'Cromarty MR 25 13', is addressed to a Mr G Stevenson of Wishaw, and says 'Spending the Easter holidays here & getting good weather. They are all well here & were asking for you. Hope you are well & had a nice holiday. Kindest Regards, Jessie.'

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I reckon this was taken whilst the photographer was waiting for the HLI march down the High Street in July 1908. The branches on the tree are exactly as in no. 478 which definitely is the HLI walking tour. Urquhart, the photographer in Dingwall, turned a lot of his photographs of the tour into postcards - and probably used the opportunity to generate some additional photos for postcards! Comment left on 23 August 2019 by Jim Mackay
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