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Weird Sunset - Oct 1995

Weird Sunset - Oct 1995

Date Added: 03 February 2004 Contributor: Susan Florence Year: 1998 Picture No: 644

This pic was taken by Susan from the back of her house on High St looking west. The roofs are of houses on Bank St.

Ian Robertson took a picture of the same sky, but seems to have used a little artistic licence (jiggery pokery) with it. See picture #195.


I can guarantee that Ian Robertson has altered his pictures. My mum, Annie Ratcliffe, has even better pictures from that night! Comment left on 10 October 2004 at 20:51 by Naomi Ratcliffe
I like this photo best - even the obvious "fiddling" of picture #195 - doesn't spoil the charm of this one of Susan's. Comment left on 09 December 2004 at 01:37 by Joy Anderson Leask Moloney
I have just realised that I forgot to put in the word not! Ian hasn't fiddled with this picture at all. If I had the pictures that my mum has I would put them on here to prove it!!! Comment left on 02 January 2005 at 21:17 by Naomi Ratcliffe
Naomi - if you look at Ian's picture (picture #195), it's a sunrise rather than a sunset - when did your mum take the pics? Comment left on 02 January 2005 at 22:35 by Garve Scott-Lodge
I remember seeing this sky from Invergordon. It was very early in the morning. I remember thinking how beautiful it was and how lucky I had been to witness it. (and also wishing I had my camera ready!!) Comment left on 26 January 2005 at 17:49 by Jane Hudson
Regardless, it's a beautiful photo and I wish I'd seen it!! Comment left on 27 January 2005 at 01:04 by Joy Anderson Leask Moloney
Naomi, spoke to your Mam yesterday, she took her photos at night. Comment left on 22 March 2005 at 08:17 by Sue
Does anyone know what causes the sky to appear like this? Comment left on 05 January 2006 at 20:36 by Pau
Does anyone know if this is a regular thing in the north as I would love to take photos of this..... Comment left on 14 March 2006 at 15:33 by Catriona Watson
Catriona, it could well be, but it's the only one I've seen, and it only lasted about 20 mins. Comment left on 14 March 2006 at 23:09 by Sue.
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